Creating a sanctuary in your home that reflects your personal taste is one of the most exciting aspects of the re-decorating process. Especially with Pinterest, glossy magazines, and HGTV, there's a steady, unstoppable stream of fresh inspiration. At every whim, we’re privy to painted chalkboard walls, patterned rugs, marble countertops, wingback armchairs, and other chic furniture. Below, we unlock four of our favorite design styles and reveal how they are defined, along with some timeless pieces you can invest in to bring their essence to life in your living space.

Coastal Casual



We love the untethered, breezy vibes of Coastal Casual style furniture. Are you seeking a light, airy sanctuary with pale hues, weathered finishes, and natural fibers?These laid-back, lived-in rooms are commonly anchored by stripes, sea-themed prints, tropical flowers, and lighthouses. Additional coastal style trends include seashell-encrusted mirrors, accessories, and prints.

Vibe: Beachy, Airy, Relaxed, Laid-Back, Weathered, Cottage-Like

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European Classics



European Classic style is steeped in tradition, garnering dark wood finishes, comfortable fabrics, and relaxed sophistication. Inspired by design trends of centuries past, the furniture tends to feel both symmetrical and formal, easily dressing up a casual environment.Fabrics that work well with European Classic furnishings include chintz, jacquard, damask, and brocade. Luxurious leather in a rich brown tone also adds cohesive charm.

Vibe: Dark, Sophisticated, Formal, Luxurious, Cultured

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New Traditional



Traditional design is the epitome of classic, and putting “new” in front of it adds a modern dimension to an already loved and celebrated style.Approachable and comfortable without being stuffy, new traditional style has a more modern look and feel than its predecessor, shaped by large furniture, built-ins, and other architectural details.

Vibe: Mixing ‘Old’ and ‘New’, Comfortable, Formal, Large Scale, Iron Fixtures

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Modern Contemporary



Modern design exudes a sleek “less is more” approach. Growing in popularity over the years, contemporary style strikes a balance between trendy and functional.Its minimalistic approach means each piece is thoughtfully placed without a pile up of extraneous details like knick-knacks, vases, and throw pillows.Often times, modern living spaces utilize abstract art or a statement rug to punch up the environment and create a less neutral focal point.

Vibe: Trendy, Geometric, Sleek, Clean Lines, Minimalist

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The process of defining your personal decor style is invigorating to explore, and no one style is a “one size fits all” solution. It’s fun to infuse your personality into your home and implement pieces that feel like you. Explore new ideas for your home with our online room planner.

Which décor style speaks to you?

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